St Lukes Festive Friday Campaign

St Luke's Hospice Plymouth

Festive Friday

We love seeing all the different ways schools, businesses and community groups get behind us with Festive Friday fundraising, bringing in vital funds to help support our specialist care for over 300 patients during the Christmas period.

From bringing out the baking trays to sporting Santa hats, there are loads of fun ways to go festive on Fridays in the run-up to Christmas, and your fundraiser can be as big or small as you like.

You could run a competition to judge the best decoration for the top of the office Christmas tree, have a school cake sale, or donate a small percentage from customers’ bills, for example. Need a bit of inspiration? Check out our top Christmas jumper picks of 2018.

Every penny counts when it comes to the compassionate care we give and the precious memories we help families create with their loved one as they spend their last Christmas together.

Go on, get together with friends and colleagues and go Festive Friday for St Luke’s – it’s a great way to make a difference at this special time of year.

Just call 01752964426 or search Festive Friday for St Luke’s on line

Link to website:

We want to support you!

Are you a project that wishes to enhance your program?

Well Radford Radio would love for community projects to become a dream!

We can host websites and sub domains for your projects! Take a look at our community projects page on our main site, we successfully maintain and designed a “old photos of Plymstock” after approaching a member of the community.

We can also advertise your project for an extremely small one off payment for a whole month!

Hows that for helpful!?

just contact

Or if you wish to get in contact with one of the directors about this opportunity, you can find their contact details on the main site!

No Facebook? No Problem!

We are committed to keeping the community active within the running of Radford Radio, a lot of our listeners are on Social Networking sites like Facebook, but by thinking outside the box we have set up a local ChatRoom that can be accessed from the main site! Also this ‘news feed’ can be used for comments!

We are always trying to think of new ideas on how to keep the community together, please get in touch if you have any ideas or suggestions!

A few tweaks!

Although we are prepared for transmission, we are fine tuning our equipment to prepare our listeners for CD quality sound, our volunteers and engineers are almost working around the clock to ensure no one is left disappointed!

We are going LIVE!

The long wait is almost over! After the amazing people that have “dug deep” to support with donations we are on schedule to be live on the 5th November 18:00!!!

We have a few presenters that will be on around this time to introduce themselves on your new local radio station !

Welcome To Radford Radio

Welcome to Radford Radio

This is our new blog and news for the latest updates which are happening around the Radford Radio studio and Community areas.

Please Keep checking back to see what is happening around your new local radio station!